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Series 1 Interchangeable Body Parts?

David Hawkins

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Which (if any) Body Parts & Interior Parts are Interchangeable with other GM's, such as the Windshiels, Headlights, Tail Lights, Mirrors, Fog Lights, Door Handles, Steering Colum, ETC..........





Lots of GM parts bin shopping on the Series One. If I recall the gauge cluster was from the F body. I want to say the shifter was also F body. Not sure on the steering column since it was a non air bag car.


Gary & Gary were around back then but are probably too busy to put together a list but if you emailed one of them with a couple of parts questions I'm sure they could help.


You can always attend the Vegas Bash in January and drag one of the Gary's into the Shelby Museum for a rundown ;)



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