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Project 321's new 2010 GT500


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The quality of the dress up parts on the site look nice. However, GT500 over everything is overkill. Any thought of selling ones that had the same info the same symbols the OEM ones do?


They are indeed nice. If you see them in person you'll be even more impressed. As far as offering them without the GT500 on them I don't believe they have any plans to offer them like that. I'll ask though and see what Jake has to say.


Thanks, Jared

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Congratulation's Jake from Project 321 on your new GT500! Also thanks to Chip Beck for the referral.

Check out the website www.project321.com




Thanks Tom!!! We are super excited about the car and I love driving it. It's not only fun but

a necesary tool to have for developing our parts line. I want to start taring into it but I can't stand

the idea of not being able to drive it for more than a day or two. Maybe once the initial fun wears off.


What a great, easy car buying experience this was. I can't say enought about Tom and the crew at Santamargarita Ford.

For anybody in the market for a Ford product call Tom. He is a real gentleman and it was good to deal with someone that

really knows the GT500 inside and out. Thanks agian Tom!




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