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Car Shows LA / Laguna Beach Area, Crystal Cove


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I might be taking a trip to Laguna Beach in March and am wondering if any cool weekly car gatherings exist. I won't have my car, unless I rent something fun, but always wanted to go to the famed Crystal Cove gathering. I don't think that weekly gathering happens anymore, but does anybody know if something like it exists, and if so, when and where each week?

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It is now in Irvine, CA at the Fords Building off of Alton Parkway. Every Saturday morining. Here is the link http://irvine.carsandcoffee.info/ .




If I end up going on the trip, I will try and make that!


Next question is does anybody know of a place I can rent something fun to drive. Not talking a Ferrari, but a Boxster, Z4 BMW, etc... would be nice for a Hwy 1 drive up the coast!

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