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Nordic, Well lets just say that my 56 has a set of Centerlines waiting if I ever weld some floors in. The last car I built had Centerlines as well. But with all the choices these days and a limit of the GT500 brakes it gets hard.


The GT500 wheels are not for me and I dislike Chinese parts more than tooth extraction, just me. Not a judgement call at all on anyone elses decision you all buy what you want...


I was all good on buying the SGT that took 10 minutes to decide haha...The s/c choice took awhile as well, but hey its exactly waht I was after....



So I want to run centerlines and GT500 brakes on my SGT. I can get 18x11 rears or 18x9.5 rears. They will make them in any backspace I want.


BTW I found out today that Fiske Wheels (the FR500c wheels) has centerline forge the blanks for them. Interesting eh?


Centerlines are forged and weigh about 22 lbs and are made in the USA by a US company...problem solved just got to figure a backspace out and if I want 18x9.5 fronts and 18x11 or 9.5 rears...

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