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Step-by-Step Installation of the Lethal Performance Offroad X-Pipe


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Here's an installation guide I put together for our gt500 offroad X-pipe. It's a very easy install and earned us a solid 15rwhp on our 2010 Gt500. Not only did we pick up 15 ponies but the car sounds amazing.




Step 1- Remove the negative battery terminal that goes to the battery.


Step 2- Lift the car on a car lift. Before working on the exhaust make sure that it's cooled to where you won't burn yourself if you happen to touch the pipe. However a set of work gloves will help a lot if the exhaust is still hot to the touch.



Step 3- Disconnect the (3) stock 02 sensors at the connector. The upper sensor on the passenger side is the hardest to get to. You can use a long flathead screwdriver to gain access to it much easier than trying to get at it with your hand unless you've got small hands.



Step 4-With the exhaust cool you can start unbolting the stock x-pipe from the over axle pipes by loosening the nuts on the pipe clamps



Step 5- Using a long extension and swivel socket you can loosen the nuts on the passenger and drivers side flanges that bolt the stock midpipe to the manifold.



Step 6- Once the nuts on the flanges are off you can then separate the stock midpipe from the over axle pipes by pulling it apart.



Step 7- Now you can remove the stock midpipe from the car.



Step 8- With the stock midpipe on the car use a crescent wrench to remove the 02 sensors from the stock pipe.


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Step 9- Install the drivers side leg on the Lethal Performance X-pipe using the supplied bolts and nuts. Keep it loose until later on in the install. Now reinstall the stock 02 sensors into the Lethal Performance X-pipe using a little anti-seize on the threads of the sensor. You'll also want to make sure to reinstall them in the same location as they were installed on the stock pipe. The one green sensor goes in the front passenger side bung as pictured below.




Step 10- With someone helping you lift the pipe up bringing the front end of the pipe to the manifolds first. The other person will help to guide the front ends of the pipe to the flanges on the factory manifolds.



Step 11-With your partner helping to hold the pipe up slide the flanges on each side of the X-pipe onto the studs on the factory manifold and reinstall the nuts to hold the pipe in place.


Step 12- With your partner still helping to hold the pipe up reinstall the 02 sensors to the stock connectors.



Step 13- Slide the rear section of the Lethal Performance X-pipe back onto the over axle pipes.


Step 14- Once the X-Pipe is reinstalled to the over axle pipes use a pole jack to raise the exhaust assembly so it's parallel to the car and not hanging down.



Step 15- Tighten the nuts on each side of the midpipe where it meets the stock manifolds.


Step 16- Tighten the nuts on the pipe clamps that hold the Lethal Performance X-Pipe to the stock over axle pipes.



Step 17- Tighten the bolts that hold the drivers side leg of the Lethal X-Pipe to the rest of the assembly.



Step 18- Make sure the exhaust isn't hanging and that all of the nuts and bolts are tight.


Step 19- Lower the car down


Step 20- Reinstall the negative battery terminal to the battery.


step 21- Fire it up and enjoy the new sound and 15 more rwhp.








Lethal Performance 2010 GT500 Offroad X-Pipe (No Cats) [LP-GT500ORX] : Lethal Performance, Performance parts for Ford Mustangs

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