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Thought I'd compile everything I've learned thus far about the Bullitt from a variety of sources, most of which are very reliable. Below are the exact statements that provide the latest details about the car, some from other Mustang forums, some from communiques I have received personally from different insiders (those are in actual quotations) >>


-- The 'Bullitt' IS actually at Cobo.


-- 7,400 units to be produced.


-- 325 HP.


-- "The Bullitt is Highland Green only...and it is a dead nuts '67 Highland Green!!!!"


-- "NO fake hood or side scoops on the Bullitt. They are trying to duplicate the original a little closer...which was what I think they accomplished."


-- "The 2008 is mostly a FESM (Front End Sheet Metal) update....but again..minor."


-- So far, the parts showing up in Ford's cataloguing system include:


- Bullit Grille


- Bullit Package to Have Unique Brake Calipers! Front And Rear. Will use same Pads and Rotors as Gt but Unique.


- Strut Brace Bullit Specific.


- Bullit Faux Trunk Gas Lid


- Bullit Door Sills



Finally, apparently, the two pics below are "very, very close to the actual car" >>





Hope this helps! :beerchug:


Anyone with additional confirmed info please feel free to add to this thread - let's make it the official thread for concrete Bullitt updates!

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Well - this should get some folks lathered up!


Looks sweet.


Spoiler delete - retro rims - (one pic shows a chrome outside mirror and door handle?) - lowered - the blacked-out grille looks good from a distance, but not sure how that going to look up close - seems to have a different hood - recessed louvers (which I might go for if available) - and a clean looking front clip.


These will sell very quickly.


Maybe my '09 driver? :hyper:


Needs a bit more h.p. though.


Great post, BC - thanks, man.

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Very nice, hope it makes to production as shown, the grille and the height, they seem to make the car. :banana piano: couldn't find a highland green banana :hysterical:


That green matches the Grinch to a "T".


Is that concrete info. :ohsnap:



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So is anyone else surprised that there were NO details of the Bullitt at the Detroit Auto Show? I was sure we would see something displayed at Detroit but we got zip.


Of course, I would personally prefer details on a Boss 302 with a hot 5.0 Cammer under the hood but I'm that's just my personal preference

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Latest word is that the Bullitt will bow next November. Yeah, I know, that's pretty damned late...but that's the latest word.


A 2008MY run only for 5 or 6 months of production. Numbers are going to be low, only about 6-7K cars produced ?

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