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07 gt-h questions

07 gt-h 277

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I have a 2007 gt-h conv. I have a couple of questions I was hoping to get help with.

1. The air filter for this car is it reuseable like a K&N or does it have to be replaced?

2. If it does have to be replaced what is the part # or if it is reuseable what is the procedure?

3. I've noticed that the car has the blue springs but not the blue dampers or roll bar that is part of the ford racing kit, is this correct or have they been replaced?

4. The oil cap says to use 5w20 but the shelby sticker under the hood says 5w30. I know there isn't much difference between the two but was wondering which one is correct.

Any help would be welcomed. I love the car and it is a blast to drive.


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#1 & 2 Yes. Clean it like a K&N. You can use K&N products but of course the cleaned filter will now be red in color.


#3 Convertible cars are different.


#4 Either weight oil is ok in my opinion. Go by the owners manual to be exact.




Here are a couple of color options in cleaners to use








What are all the GT-H owners currently using

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