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FRPP 2.9 Whipple for 2010


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The FRPP web site also says that the 2010 2.9 does not work on the 07-09. See link below. Must be because a different tune is needed, primarily because the 2010 has knock sensors and the 07-09 do not. It is likely FRPP is still working on the tune for the 07-09. The 2010 version just came out, and you can see on the FRPP web site that they recently have issued a bunch of new superchargers for various S197 Mustangs.



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I called Lethal to get their take and they said just the tune is 2010 specific which really doesnt matter to me because it will get tuned on the dyno anyways. I hope he's right because I'm fixing to take the plunge.


Now, I wonder if a kit can be had for less then MSRP. Time to call around......




If you are buying the FRPP Whipple 2.9 kit, try Gene Evans Ford. As of recently they had, by far, the cheapest price on FRPP TVS kits, so probably also on the FRPP Whipple kit, assuming they have received them from FRPP.

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