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Sold at Manheim Auto Auction


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This 2007 GT500 sold at the auto auction Manheim in Anaheim, CA today. For those not familiar with Manheim, it's the wholesale place dealers buy and sell cars:


2007 FORD MUSTANG GT500 BLACK 2 8 Gas M AM/FM 14,018 $33,250


There should be additional fees aswell. Putting the real value between 34500-35000. Not bad considering the list for the car was 43K and its a 3yr old car and that this car was in Cali. More GT500s made to to Texas and Cali making the market softer there. Look at a $100K Mercedes or BMW 3 yrs later at Manheim.

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WOW They are holding really well. I thought they would be lower than that.





So did I... I thought maybe high 20's for first one I saw with 13,000 miles. The second with only 388 miles sold real close to sticker 3 years later - and at a wholesale auction no less.

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Me neither, Great news!!


Sounds like a used 07 is worth around 33 to 38k$ now? WOW not bad! Since the 2010's don't look as good the 07 to 09's we might hang in there in value for a long time. Makes me glad they screwed the new ones up! I read on another post that the new gear ratios are not that great either!


Still wish someone could tell me what my SVT#12 07 is worth as a collectors item! Eat your heart out Ron Pratte mine has an earlier SVT#, VIN# and build date than yours!...but it is still probably just worth 33k to 38K$! Probably MUCH less because of the high miles. Driving it around though puts a big smile on my face :hysterical3: even though I am still job hunting here in SI Valley.



MSB Mustang / Mark

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