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Need some help finding Alloy Grey Shelby


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Myself and a buddy both placed orders with a big dealer for 10k over back in April of last year. He was to get the #2 car on the lot i was to get #3. I later found a dealer that made me a better deal got my car september 16. The dealer we placed both our orders with has yet to recive there #2 car and is saying the next car could be any one of 4 cars they orders (ie. not his color choice) but they will still sell it to him. I think they sold his car to another dealer thats why there geting him ready telling him it wont be his color.


Anyway anyone know if there local dealer as any Alloy or Black cars on the ground. Hes still willing to pay 10k over


Any help from one GT500 brother to another


Later, Brandon

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