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A KR can't be Super Snaked?

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I had read in my early Super Snake information that a 08 GT500KR could have the Super Snake package added to it for additional cost, this is not true?


Only the "GT500KR Upgrade Pakage" is available to a 605h.p. level, and no 725h.p. option?


I thought that someone on this forum had a KR that had been Super Snaked..........



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I'm sure if you want to write a check for 30 large, SAI will get it done.


I have been told by someone on another GT500 forum that no, Shelby will not Super Snake a KR, they will only offer the "KR Upgrade Package" to a GT500KR and that is $16K + or - and includes the TVS 605h.p. and Baer caliper upgrade as well as some unique identifiers, but no 725 option.............



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Per my pm to Roger yesterday 9/3,


Is SAI offering the SS package on the KR?


No we do not.



Huh, I know initially they were to offer it at a reduced rate because the KR and the SS share some of the same mods, of course that was a couple of years ago.

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