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Atten: TVS header folks ...


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Haven't had mine to the dyno yet after installing 1 7/8" Dynatechs w/catted 3" x-pipe. I still need to datalog to get the tune dialed in before I go. I'm running a TVS with the same pulley set-up as you have, but with the CJ TB, '08 lower, but stock everything else (except for FRPP handling pkg), including plugs. Hit the dyno before, running a "canned" tune and with a hot pull hit 592rwhp (SAE corrected on a Dynojet). Temp was 90F and this was the second of back-to-back pulls, as the wheels spun on the dyno the first run. I'll be disappointed if I don't hit 650rwhp when I go back with a better tune on a cooler day. Could be wishful thinking, I know. I'm going to try and get it done in the next week or two...


Oh yeah, I did the installation myself and it was not fun, but I'm really happy with the sound. Not too loud like some have complained about, due to the cats and keeping the stock rear pipes and SVT1 mufflers.

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before was 645 with bbk tb, jlt intake, stock exh


after was 711 with monoblade, cj maf, AR long tubes and catted x


before was done on a dynojet


after was done on a mustang dyno....havent gone to my local dynojet to do a comparo yet.


What octane were you running on the 711?


Isn't true that mustang dyno's are traditionally lower than dynojets? I'd we very interested in your dynojet's results!

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