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Last Series 1


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Yes, the CSX number is what I was talking about. 5249 can't be the last number, I have 5278 and I have just heard that 5279 exists.


More than 249 were actually made, there isn't enough room here to go into the details but I know this for sure. What I do not know is the exact number.

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John, is it possible that these cars were given a second CSX number after the upfit for the supercharger? There were 50 with the SC if memory serves me right...


And I know 249 was the number published, but I have also heard a total 256 were built out of the original 500 the had planned on capping it off at. Also, the first 20 numbers in every series is reserved by SAI for their own use, so it is possible only a couple were produced in that range of numbers...?


There were some orders that were cancelled after threats of lawsuits and other problems at the time....I know some people had put a deposit down with the price set at just under 100k, and then were later told the price was closer to 140k at some point...but I dont have that as first hand information, just stuff I have read in articles tracing the history of the series 1...I would love to own one someday, I will say that....John, you could just adopt me if you would like...I live real close...in fact Im out there in your area every week...working on 477 on the southeast part of town right off of 123. (we do road construction and generally piss off the locals where we work...) :hysterical:

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