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Lightning Force Performance


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Maybe someone here knows whats going on with Lightning Force Performance?

Last week I bought at their website http://www.lightningforceperformance.com/ Spec SS-Trim Clutch with flywheel. It was said it's next day shippment, and it should get my location within 3days.

My credit card was charged, and... that's all!


No email confirmation, not a word more.


I've sent several emails, but no response. Tried to call, but automatic secretary picks up and says that there's no room for additional messages. Try again later. So I try, and try...


Next, their website stoped to show, and all I see are error messages!


My car is at the workshop with tranny out, next week nationwide TV wanted to shot a program with my car, this weekend I'll miss autoshow, and I have no more than 3weeks of good weather!


So, does anyone know how to contact LFP, or get my clutch from them fast?


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