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2010 GT500 using Eibach Pro-street S coil overs

Kona Blu

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Just bought and installed Eibach coil overs to lower my coupe. Installation went well and I'm now driving to see the change. It seems the car looks great lowered but the ride is very stiff and quite a lot of road noise. Is this typical? I think I'll get used to the stiffness, feels good, but not so sure about the road noise. Should I have gone to their springs only to lower it? Some feedback would help........GO BLU

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Pics, Please :drool:

Here are some photos showing the rear lowered 2" and the front not lowered. Roughly 28" ground to top of wheel well in front and 28 1/2" in the rear using only the Eibach Pro Street-S Coilovers from Shelby store. I'm really getting used to the stiffness but haven't got used to the road noise yet. GO BLU




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