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Front clip for front bumper removal


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I'm installing the new heat exchanger and I for the life of me cannot figure out how to remove the two screws that are on the inside of the fender wells holding on the front bumper. I just don't see how you are supposed to remove the screw and clip. Anyone else know what I am talking about?

I have done what you are trying to do. If you turn your wheels, you can get to the screws better. I have a screw attachment for my ratchet that is about 1 inch long, so it makes it easy to get in there. If that's not your problem and you just can't figure out how to remove the thing, here's the deal...you gotta get all 3 screws out from both wheel wells, then there's 2 on the top of the grill inside the hood, and there's 9 underneath the car. These 9 are small silver colored bolts. Then you pop out the sides of the bumper from around the wheel well...just pull on it and it will pop out. Once you get the sides loose from the wheel wells, the whole thing just comes right off the front the car very easily. Begin taking it off, then stop and unscrew the wires from the fog lights and parking lights. Also, there's a little air sensor on a wire that clips to the inside of the lower grille. Just pop it off. Then remove the front clip and set it aside. It's VERY EASY. PM me if you want to talk about it on the phone.

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