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gt500 throttle body

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alright gentle man, who has experienced the gt500 throttle body hanging and not wanting to come back down to idle. mine likes to hang about 2k and holds there for 3-4 seconds before coming down to idle. whats the fix? is it fixable? is it a tuning problem? i have experienced no other problems.


i just drove it and it runs like the wind at WOT but when you let off, it throttles down slowly. :cry:


any suggestions? i have justin at VMP working on it but so far no luck.

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My brother had the same issue with his stock TB on his 07 GT500 and I have heard of several other guys experiencing the same difficulty.

His tune was part of the problem but swapping the TB out made up the majority of the difference. With a tuner like Justin on the case, you shouldn't be having any issues like this. If he can't get it resolved by the end of the week, I'd say dump it and go for the FRPP or BBK throttle body. Good luck



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