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How many wives would you have if it was legal??


Legalize numerous wives act!!  

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I have yet to figure how to make that happen????????? :doh:



If you really want to know, send me a PM :hysterical:


As long as they all agree to pay for Shelby's and parts, and, Change race tires on race daym Hell yea!

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I think we can all take a lesson from the Muslums who can have as many wives as they want. Why do you think they strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves up.................a guy can only take so much nagging.

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Living in Utah, I see multiple wife families first hand. They tend to live in compounds with little contact with the outside world. They have to shop for goods, usually at Wally World. They claim to be happy but seeing them looks like a different story. You never see the husbands out and about. Just 2-3 ladies or young girls with a ton of kids. No Shelbys here, just Club Wagon vans.


I can't imagine living with that many women. I would guess there would be perpetual PMS. Can you imagine how bad that would be? :hysterical:

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