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2008 - 2009 GT 500 KR Differences


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To my knowlege the cars are the same except for: 1. 40th anniversary badging, 2. Sirus radio is standard in the 2009 and 3. There is a new improved manual transmission on the 09s if built after Aug 2008 which I think most if not all of the 09s were built in Sept and after.


There is much discussion on this forum and the GT500 forum about the transmission problem on the 08s and 07s which you should review. Because of this issue I went with the 09. Also the 09 is a newer model and more limited as only 571 built for US vs 1000 on the 08. Prices are better I believe on the 08s but given a choice I would go with 09.

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I'm new to the site - and looking at buying either a 08 or 09 GT500 KR. Is there any difference between the two years? I know the 08 is the 40th Ann. but are there any other changes? Thanks for your help.




Welcome to TS Tom.


If I were buying a KR I would get a 2009 built with the new flywheel and clutch and syncros and input shaft.


This thread could be agreat help to you:


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