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Track Videos From Last Night


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Got there, got a run in all motor hot off the street




Took one more run, and blew the tires off! Lined up to try to make a nitrous pass and it started raining. Waited about two hours for the track to dry and for them to reprep it. First runs they had street tire cars running the 1/4 and drag radial and slick cars running the 1/8. So I waited and then they said drag radial cars could run the 1/4. So I made a pass but the damn tower forgot to change it to 1/4 so here is the result form that pass. From looking at the slip compared to my others, I think the pass was somewhere around a 10.40-10.50 @ 137-138 but who the hell knows.




Next run, I blew the tires off again and let off after second gear. Finally I get to make a 1/4Mile pass on nitrous. Although it really did not hook for crap, here is that pass.




Then I played around with trying to spray in first gear, hahah that was a joke, talking about NO TACTION AT ALL! I'll leave my window switch set at 2nd gear and up from now on.


Here are some videos of the runs, I did not get the all motor run on film.



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Nice runs but low 10's or high 9's if you could get some traction!


(On a side note, up here we'd get thrown out of the track for doing "John Force" style burnouts that require backing up to the line- but it sure looks great!)


LOL Yeah, it was the only way I could even come close to hooking and get the tires dry enough. My two problems are the tires are bald, and I'm not sure if the 275/60/15 are just going to cut it with this kind of power, and I think I may have a torn LCA bushing on the driver side. If you look at the way the car sits, it's very uneven.

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