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Wheel specs..


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Can anyone tell me what the bolt pattern and hub diameter is for my 2007 GT500. Also anything else I would have to know as far as whats going to fit my car. I have the stock brembo system.


Bolt pattern - 5 on 114.3


What diameter and width wheel are targeting? need to know to determine backspace for brake clearance.

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You might also see it as 5 x 4.5. Old school.


Knowing which wheels will fit around the brembos is a pain in the arse. We really need wheel suppliers to show an internal diameter, but they don't. So you have to rely on the websites saying "fits GT500", or having a GT500 section.


I just ordered a single wheel to see if it will fit. Just wanted some cheap wheels for racing. Another way to go is to check the wheels thread and find a set you like.


You'll need to know offset and backspace, which will vary depending on how wide the wheel is. I've forgotten what the stock backspace is, but if you go to somewhere that sells the stock wheel you can find it there.

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Ok here are the specs on the wheels im trying to get'



Iforged 2 piece Wheels

front: 19x8 with 35mm offset

rear: 19x10 with a 22mm offset

Bolt pattern: 5x120


You will need an eighth inch spacer in the front to clear the Brembos with a 35mm back space.

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