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Question.Please help.TSB


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TSB.. Okay now I know Im going to sound like a complete idiot, but what is TSB and is it something I should be concerned about? Im sorry for being a retard. :banghead: I just keep seeing all these post talking about the problems they are having in regards to this. So how can I know if my car is defected. Well if it's a defect. Sorry, but please help. :baby:

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TSB stands for Technical Service Bulletin. You should at least keep an eye on these that come out, so you know whether or not your car is experiencing these potential issues.


In the case of the TSB for the clutch (08-16-4) effects a lot of the shelby gt500's. I can't remember if it is all 2007's and 2008's but mine is an early 2007 and I recently had a Ford Garage replace the original clutch with this TSB. Have had great results since the replacement.


And as far as feeling dumb, hey if you never ask the question then how are you going to learn. This is the place to learn and discuss items that effect are beloved vehicles.

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