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Cobra Cruzin with Shelby Team Racer Allen Grant


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Cobra Cruzin with Shelby Team Racer Allen Grant


I want to give a big thanks Scott and Laura Bobst for hosting the Cobra Cruzin at there home. The people were great. The cars were so darn cool. The free food was terrific. The coordination of putting on this kind of event takes a lot of work and you guys did a great job and it is appreciated by all the Team Shelby members that attended today.


It was a special extra treat to meet Shelby Team racer Allen Grant. To hear him tell some of his old stories about his racing days and how he met Carroll Shelby and talked him into hiring him was very interesting.


For those of you who do not know who Allen Grant is, click this link and go to the 3rd photo and short story. He has the Yellow Cobra.




Thank you so much for inviting the members from Team Shelby to attend. We had a wonderful time. You guys have big hearts.


I have some pic’s and video to share with everyone. The video is loading now.


The first pic’s are of Shelby Team Racer Allen Grant.

















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Thanks for the pics Rob. I never get tired of looking at those great machines.


The HP in that feild was awesome.


Allen Grant told us about his first encounter with Carroll Shelby to get a job racing for him. Allen went to Carrolls shop one morning looking for him. His secretary asked him if he had an appointment. He said he did not. She said that he should make one. He learned from her that Carroll was due back around 9:30am. Allen hung out in the parking lot and when he saw Carroll pull in with his T-bird, Allen got on the sidewalk between the front door and Carroll.


As Carroll approached, Allen introduced himself and told him that he had won 12 out of 14 races and that he wanted to race on Carrolls team. He told Carroll how good he was. A short time later Carroll hired Allen Grant.


I asked allen how much he made racing back in 1963 and he told me that he was paid $2.50 per hour and that the got a cut of the winnings if they won. His cut on the big race was $500 bucks. Many people asked him questions and it was very fun to hear his replys. A true Shelby Team driver / racer. :shift:


The video is still loading.

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The video will give you some insight about Allen. I wished I could of taped the entire hour, but I could not. Here's 10 minutes of Allen Grant's story.




Thanks Rob. Great job detailing the event.

I was lucky enough to get an invite to this gathering and have to say, I was not disappointed. I met Grabber at his house about an hour before we needed to leave, 10 minutes late as usual. He helped his son fix his prize 'lucky rabbits foot' and then we were off.

We arrived in one piece after a spirited drive through the Battle Ground country side. Once at the event, Rob did a full throttle 'fly by' to announce his presence.

It was a great time. I had to leave early to get some chores done but was glad I attended. I can't add anything further to what has already been reported.


Thanks to Rob and to the event organizers for a great day.



One more thing...Shelby, from what little I know, surrounded himself with some really great people. Allan was a great personality.

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Thanks for putting on these pictures Thier great. And We want to thank all of you who came out .

With out all the people coming out to hear Allen the show wouldnt of been as good. You guys helped make the show.




Scott & Laura,


Any chance you could forward this link to Allen Grant so he could check it out. Maybe he could join the club and make a post or 2. That would be so cool.



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What a great post! Mr. Grant looks great.

My Dad worked for him many years ago at his construction company here in Modesto. I too worked for him for a short time right after high school maintaining company vehicles, rental property maintenance and customer service stuff on new homes. I remember his 289 Cobra and I think a GT40 in his shop when we were helping him move to a new house he had built himself.


Thanks for posting!

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I met Allen Grant a few years ago, introduced by someone whose impression of him, garnered in some high-pressure racing situations that may have distorted both their perspectives, was not so flattering.


Next time you see him, ask about this (which should take you to post #23 of the thread):






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Scott and Laura you did a fantastic job :beerchug:


Diane and I had a great time, if the word gets out much more you guys will have to expand the parking area....


Rob thanks for posting up all those photo's, I took several also and might drop a few on here in the next day or too. We really enjoyed Allen Grant's stories and the awesome show of cars.


We'll be there next year for sure !!!

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