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Questiong regarding Front Splitter removal


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So I recieved my new front splitter because my original one was banged up from being at the dealer doing the TSB.


I removed the 10 small screws from each side in the wheel wells and then the 10 large screws underneath the spoiler and thought that was it and I could remove it.


Not so. It appears to be attached to a large plastic shield that goes all the way under the engine probably for some protection and aero dynamic purposes but none the less I can not really see how it is attached or if it should be removed and attached to the new spoiler?


I did not lift the vehicle at all as everyone said it is easy as pie which it was until this point where I just can not see well enough what exactly is going on down there.


Any help? Pics would be great. I started a thread awhile back on this and got some great replies but no one mentioned this step, perhaps only the 07s have this add on issue?


Also there are 3 tabs built into the spoiler that hook on behind the bottom of the bumper cover it appears, sort of had to push down near each of those to get the spoiler to come down



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so the large plastic shield always stays attached? You just remove the front spoiler from the bumper cover and this plastic shield?


I see 2 small screws towards the front that appear to be holding the spoiler on to it.


lol I have 20 screws so far removed so 22 will do it?


Dammmm, this thing is on there good!


I'll take some pics to post to be certain Ive got them all and to help others

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That is the link to a diagram that I thought would be helpful but it is incorrect.


There are 5 of the small screws on each side in the wheel wels for a total of 10 not 6.


Also it does not show the large splasch guard that goes under the radiator and attaches to some part of the under carriage further back


Just an FYI

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