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SVT Backlit door sills...


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I found a set of these locally for a great deal, so I got em'...





Fairly easy install... The only thing I was not all that comfortable taking off the passenger windshield pillar trim to get at the harness but I took my time and got it off then back on without breaking any taps... Although as I was putting it back together one of the clips came off the pillar trim and fell down the side off the dash... So off comes the glovebox and kick trim panel!!! :censored: I found the clip though!!


Green/Yellow and Black/Blue are the wires to tap into...



You can strip some of the shield off and wrap, solder and tape but then you can't use your heatshrink gun... Pffft...




If you do it this way you will have to extend the wires so the harness is all uniform length... Of course I realized this AFTER I cut the wires... One of those. oh yeah moments...


Double heat shrinked!!



Better than new!!



One wire comes out the passenger kick panel and you run the other one under the dash to the drivers side kick panel...



In, with only one clip mishap!!



The test, :holdsbreath:



:happy feet:



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Red looks good, but everybody knows Alloy is the fastest..... :happy feet:



+2....Does anyone know if the sills from the 10 will work in our cars? They are supposed to work with ambient lighting I believe, so they will change colors. That would be nice to have.

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