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Pics of Brembo brakes and something else...

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OK, finally got to take some pics of the new install of the Brembos on my SGT, did my oil change yesterday by my damn self, no more dealer oil changes for me and I don't know if this is a sig/initial of a person who worked on my car but if it is....COOL!!!!

Since it is my first time doing it the filter is positioned pretty tight up in there but it was very easy, the hard part was getting the car off the ground but I improvised with some yard bricks to lift it a bit and then used my old Torin to lift her up, I just stared under the car for a while and cleaned up under her which my wife was like why, its going to rain and it will get dirty again, some folks just don't get :talkhand:

Well, here they are....Sorry, I used my I-phone, still unpacking so I can't find my camera :cry:

Oh, Wallymart had the 5W20 Mobil1 5Quart for $22 and the 1qt bottles for $6.27, cheapest price all around, Motorcraft filter at Autozone for $3.82 :happy feet:









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I got a great deal on the brakes from a buddy of mine,$400 for the Brembos/rotors that came with Hawk pads and paid another buddy of mine $100 to install them, he has the low profile jack and since I live in a community with association I couldn't have worked in my driveway so we used his driveway. The deals are out there, you just have to look around.

Look at this guy's new set up, very nice but he paid over 3K for this set up, pretty steep imo but hey when you have the dough you have it.


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Your car looks great. The red pit stripes go well with the tail lights and PBF Badges. Brakes look nice too.


Thanks, I actually thought of having the calipers painted red but I wait it out for now, everytime I get a good amount of cash saved up for a SC something always comes along that is a must that can't be passed up so the SC keeps getting depleted.

This is a SGT that painted his red, he told me that you can find the brembo sign on ebay, what do you think, stay black or go red?




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