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Dealer Prep or Self Prep?


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The dealer should dor a delivery inspection i.e. fluids, tire pressure, everything works as designed. You may however, request that you will do the cleanup and plastic removal yourself.





This is also when the dealer does a receipt inspection and you really want them to do it so there is no debate later what condition the car was upon arrival. Still, do a careful walk around!

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I talked to the dealer before my GT500 came in. I asked if I could watch and supervise the clean up of the outside. He said sure. I asked if they would buy a new wash mit for my clean up job. They did. I had them take all the stickers off the outside and save them on a sheet of paper. I had them leave the inside alone.



Here are some Pic's of my delivery day and the supervised pre delivery inspection. This will give you an idea of what that kind of delivery would look like.





















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3 more showing it coming off the truck.







Great pics and thanks for the advice. I'll definitely supervise the clean up/prep. My GT500 is dark blue and I fear them using a dirty sponge on it which would cause some serious swirl marks. I always use a boars hair brush and it seems to work pretty well.

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I let the dealer do the prep incase there were any issues upon delivery. However, that hasn't helped me in a the process of getting those issues resolved. I'd just look over the car really well and prep it yourself. Being sure to take digital photos and emailing them to the dealer within one business day.

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My GT500 was already on the dealer lot when I bought it. However, my 2000 Mustang was an order and I was able to take it from the rail yard (with a dealer rep) and drive it to the dealer to finish the paperwork.


I did not want them to detail the car for two reasons. (1) I wanted the experience at east once and (2) To collect as many build sheets as I could.


I found three build sheets. One under the backseat, one above the gas tank and one between the rear plastic fascia and the styrofoam. I also was able to collect all the stickers and tags the dealer frequently removes and I kept all the nuts and fasteners sitting on the carpet.

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