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What type of wax/car polish is everyone using so it won't damage the stripes?

Larry T

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You are going to get a million responses as to what brand to use. I used Zaino but have switched to the products from a Member of the Forum, Show Car. Here is his web site: http://www.showcardetail.com/


As to the cables, you might try soaking them in vinegar and then soaking them in baking soda, followed by soaking them in water and then dried well.


Good luck.



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I never wax my stripes. I use only 303 UV Protectant on them.


I've never done anything special to clean the cables; haven't had a need to.

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Turtle Wax Ice. Works on all plastic parts, including the stripes and the grey plastic parts like the backs of the mirrors and front splitter, etc. I prefer the paste since it doesn't take much more work to clean up than the liquid, but last 10x longer.


Another warning: Never approach the stripe material from the perpendicular. You will leave excess polish at the joint, and you'll be tempted to scrub it off the same direction. When going to the stripes apply and remove with the direction of the strip. Remember also that the strip down the center of the scoop is a stripe, not the opposite - easy to catch excess stuff there.

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