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purchased frpp hot rod cams...however

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Not sure i want to throw out the warranty plus i have an extended warranty i purchased.I know i can get a good amount of money back from the extended warranty, it's just nice knowing your pretty much covered if something breaks.What to do :headscratch:


Time will tell i guess :lurk:


I only did the extended warranty on the shelby because it's a keeper other wise no extended warranty the parts are cheap enough to replace with a better upgrade. Plus now most ford dealerships have to take pics of damaged parts or mechanical failures and get the ok from ford before it get replaced. On my wifes expedition the front emblem is chipped or cracked and discolored they took pics to send to ford for approval it's been 2 weeks. So is the hassle worth it not for that but for a motor or trans yes.

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What's nice is when you pull up next to a ricer burner with his huge huge Tach and shift light in his honda civic. He looks at you and see that your rocking back and forth with the car. You just give him a smirk and laugh!!!


Same thing happens when I dust them with my Dodge with a Cumins diesel!!

I could not agree more though, seems all the Boy racers have the giant tach and shift light, I thought poor eyesight only happened after you get your AARP card?




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If you don't mind me asking, how much did Ford charge for parts and labor for install and how much h.p. did you gain. Thanks.


I paid 600.00 installed as far as hp the car pulls pretty hard. But the only thing that matters is that shake rattle and roll!! Like, I said when you pull into a parking lot or up to a light the looks you get are priceless.

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