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Raw Ponies at the flywheel


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So, how many horses do our engines really make? I'm talking stone stock off the showroom floor. Advertised is 500/480, but what have some of you found when you dyno'd your stock engine as a base line before mods?


What prompted me in asking this question is an episode of of American Muscle Car in which they compared 5 of the "legendary" muscle car engines of the day. I have no idea what most of them advertised the numbers at, but I remember the 7 liter Galaxie XL's were rated at 425 horses. I summarized the episode below......


American Muscle Car Engine Comparisons


The rules were: 1) all production engines, not sohc Fords, etc., engines you’d find on the showroom floor. 2) Factory style and correct carbs & ignition sytems. 3) Stock bore/stroke (allowed .60 over), stock heads, factory cam. Again, no ringers, nothing exotic, the engines you’d most likely meet on the street. The results below are numbers at the flywheel, and eliminate all other factors. Straight up, which legendary street engines were the most powerful.


Chevy 409

406 hp/430 torque


Ford 427

637 hp/554 torque


Pontiac 421

488 hp/470 torque


Dodge 426 hemi

820 hp/689 torque


Chevy 427

527 hp/461 torque

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