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A Visit with my engine builders....


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I take a trip to Ohio every year to visit my dad and to go to the Summit Racing Mustang show. This year I thought it would be cool to take a short trip up to Detroit and see the guys who built my engine. Here is the story......


It took us about 4 1/2 hours to get to Terry's house from the motel. Those Michigan roads are not the smoothest around by far. The directions were right on. It only took about 30 seconds or less for us to be greeted by Terry, Mike and a lot of family members and then more family members. We stood out at the car for what seemed to be an hour talking about the car, what I did to it and so forth. Everyone had questions and more questions. Then Terry said his meat was done. I said huh???? He was referring to the BBQ. They went out and bought 18 pounds of pork tenderloine, made cheesey potatoes, baked beans, a couple of different types of salads, pies and I can't remember what else. It was a spread and it was GOOD. I asked about bringing something because I felt like I needed to bring something and they said just to bring ourselves and the CAR.


We sat around, talked for quite a while and letting the food settle down from being literally stuffed. Mike and Terry signed my original radiator cover and I cleared coated it and hung it up in the garage so it doesn't get all messed up. Terry had a pen there at the house so it was time to sign the radiator cover again.


Here is Mike signing......




Here is Terry signing.......




Then it was picture time.....


Mike and his wife Tracey.....




Terry and his wife Sharon......




Mike and Terry......






Mike, me and Terry.......





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Here we all are together hiding the car.




Now it was play time. Mike asked me to take his dad out for a ride. His dad is in his 60's I think, don't quote me on that and he is very nice. Mom didn't want to go for a ride. Anyway, I took him out for the ride and he came with a big smile on his face. Mike said he hasn't seen his dad smile like that in a long time. His dad has a couple health issues and I hope he can take care of them.


This is when the craziness starts. I tossed the keys over to Terry and told him to go out for a ride. He looked at me and his eyes lit right up. He went out several times with a different passenger. When Terry was done, I asked to see his hand on how steady he was and his hand was shaking from the rush. Then it was Mikes turn and Mike drove the car last year in Dearborn during the tours with TS. Mike took it out several times with different passengers. Mike did notice that his leg was thumping pretty good when he got done with the car from the rush. All in all, everyone was very impressed with the car on how it performed and rode.


Here are a few video's from Terry daughter Nikki......enjoy.











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That's really cool;


Same two fellas built my engine............ :happy feet:



Mike and Terry built my engine too - runs great! Thanks for sharing VaporDude.






I heard their engines get about 20 additional horsepower over the others. :hysterical:

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That is so cool.


Very nice of you to let them take your car for a spin.


That wasn't a problem at all. Most of them haven't driven a GT500 let alone test out one of their own engines that they built. This was the first time Terry has even driven a GT500 and the second time for Mike. Mike drove mine last year in Dearborn during the TS meet. He was impressed then and even more impressed now with the mods it did to the car.

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