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I'm home, She's home


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  • 2 weeks later...

schweeeeeeet pictures of the rides :happy feet: You have 2?


Welcome home & well done if you're here!

If you're there, then thank you so much for your service. Count me in too if you need anything. Just PM me your address.


Thanks everyone, I'm very proud of it.


Moabman, I do have 2 but the 70' is not mine. I took those after the show to see Old vs. New. It's amazing how retro the new one's are. I had a 69' in high school. I don't remember it being that small but as you can see, they aren't very big.


Here are a couple shot's of mine together,




I have the production numbers for 2005 and 2006 if anyone is interested. PM your Email address and I will send them to you or if the site want's to host em'. Just let me know.


My 05' GT Premium

Mineral Grey


Red leather

1 of 270 built


My wife bought the car from a small dealer in S. GA. in Jan 05. We love this car, It's just as fun to drive as the Shelby and still get looks. We owned the car 6 months before I seen it for the first time. :doh:

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Hey! I thought you got a stripe delete and were going to have black stripes painted on?


The dealer screwed up..... They gave me a cover to make up for it.


The Paint shop said they won't have any problem removing those if I do it soon. I just have to decide on a paint scheme. Maybe a Pearl Ghost style stripe..... not sure yet.

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