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Terlingua Razor center bunny question.


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OK, I have the Razors in 20 inches on my SGT and I am not a big fan of having any snakes on my car, if I owned a GT500 yes but since I have a SGT I chose to go the no snake route so not to get questioned a million times "oh how does 500hp feel", or is that a real Shelby or what not so I notice that the Terlinguas comes with the center for the Razor in yellow but I'd like to know if possible a non-yellow, only black and silver color one can be purchased to replace the GT500 snake that is currently on the regular Razors. I know that some may say only keep Terlingua parts to Terlinguas but I'm only asking for the centers in black and the yellow ones can be reserved only for Terlingua converisons.

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