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some new pics for viewing pleasure


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What's that leak?


HaHa, It's hot down here in Texas. That leak would be water from the a/c, just got in when i took the pics.


Thanks for the comments, I think it's a pretty fast color myself, until, of course I jump on the CBR!

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Well done! I am very happy that I went with:


1. HIDs. IMHO, the halogens just don't "go" with the rest of the car's design.

2. Kona Blue


Totally agree, Baby Gorilla! Really glad that in the end I ended up with the HID's. I didn't really care for them at first..but now...I just love the look of them. And I love how "white" the light is from them.


and for #2 - well..we both can agree on some form of "blue" then.... ;)

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