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Boston 2010 GT500 sighting

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94 is back again with another Shelby sighting (Vermont Shelby GT sighting. You can find it in the Shelby GT forums) and this time with pics! :camera:


I was walking through Boston common, and I spotted this 2010 GT500 driving past. It sort of looks like a spy pic, but it's not, it was taken by me.


You can see the car, I zoomed on this pic, the fence was in the way, but I got the pic and like some of the baseball players that got tested for steriods, it tested positive as a 2010 GT500 :hysterical: , just by looking at the Cobra badge.


BTW I was joking with the steriod joke, I'm not making fun of the car in any way.


Here's the pic:


and this photo was taken by me, not from a website.




The question: is it possible that it is a Team Shelby member and it it possible that they live in Boston?



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