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Well, I just got the GT500 Brembos installed with Hawk Pads and I am now content with the new braking power. Only complaint is that the Hawk pads are a bit dustier than the stock pads but oh well, Ill have pics up soon, I just moved into a new Condo so no Internet yet, Im on my I-phone.

Now my car sleeps in a open garage, gated and supervised but there is dust all over, I'm gonna gave to get a cover soon for her, anyone knows if the stock brake caliper from our SGT's fit previous model stangs so I can get rid of them, anyone in the SouthFlorida area, $100 obo, I just want to get them out of here.

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Congrats Chris! But, we all know this thread is worthless without pics!!! LOL


Would love to find a set of Brembos for my SGT, but I've got to find a new job before I can think of doing any more mods to my car...almost 5 months out of work now...sucks!


Now get some pics of those bad boys on here!!!



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