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has anyone installed these parts from lethal?

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Fluidyne 05-09 Mustang GT High Performance Radiator-$519.95-FHP20-05MU




Fluidyne 05-09 Mustang Heat Exchanger-$429.95-FHP30-05MUSLTR




Lethal Performance GT500 Slot Style MAF-$199.00-LP-GT500MAF




Lethal Performance 05-09 GT Super Mono Throttle Body (Black)- $585.19- LP-GTSUPERMONOB




i have some extra money to put in the shelby and i saw these parts and figured it would be a nice little summer project. if anybody has these installed how do you like them and was it worth money?? i figured with the radiators and heat exchanger cooler is always better for the supercharger.

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impressive Throttle Body. I'm interested to see how that performs.


The Super Monoblade TB will fit most aftermarket superchargers using a wide open inlet. The mustang GT throttle body if used on a stock GT will have to have the intake plenum modified to accept the single blade as the stock piece is a dual blade.
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