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Lethal Performance Triple Walbro Return Style System.


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Well my car is up and running and I'm very happy with my fuel setup. This is the first return style system I've run on any of my cars and I have to say that hearing the pumps puts a smile on my face. Once the car is started I can't hear them anymore because my car is obnoxious but with the car off and the key in the on position it sounds sweet.


The system consists of

Fore Triple Walbro Fuel Hat

3 Walbro GSS342's

Fore Fuel Rails

Aermotive Filter

Aeromotive Pro-Series EFI Regulator

Fragola Push-Lite Hose and Fittings

Custom Triple Pump Wiring Harness w/ 4ga Feed from Battery



The system runs 3 lines from the hat to the Y-block where it's converted to a 10an line all the way up into the engine bay. I then Y'ed the 10an into (2) -8an lines which feed the back of each rail individually. Then come out the front of both rails and into another Y-block and into the regulator. Then I ran a -8an return line back down the drivers side of the car and used a bulkhead fitting with nylon washers to return the fuel into the tank. I had to drill the fuel tank in order to put the bulkhead fitting where I wanted it so that the return fuel was dumped into the basket inside the fuel tank. Since there's minimal room on top of the tank for a fitting setup like this I had to trim a section out of the bottom of my spare tire well in order to make clearance for the return port fitting and line. It was only a small section and I intend on fabbing up a cover for it to keep any road noise out from the inside of the trunk.


The only thing I haven't done is hookup a hobbs switch to boost activate the 3d pump and replace the generic Y-blocks inside the engine bay with the better looking Fore pieces.


Overall it was a pretty easy install and I will be putting an entire installation guide together. I'll also be putting these kits up for sale on the site in the next few days.


Anyone looking for a sick setup I can assure you that you'll be very impressed with this one. I'm gonna run the exact same setup on our 2010 GT500 once she arrives.


Just a few pics of the setup. Yes.. I know my car is filthy. Gonna have it detailed once it's all tuned up.












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