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Damaged front bumper

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Well saturday was a bad day for me, I wasn't paying attention zipped my car into the garage tapping my tool box and not putting my air gun away it fell off. It ended up hitting with the chuck end putting a nice deep scratch in the passenger side front bumper !!! But once a again thats to dupli-color paint and some wet sanding and good as new. I did a look test brang it to my neighbor and he could even tell, I was so pissed that no before pic was taken. Trust me it looks like a hurricane hit my garage after my rage a couple of pills later and you can see the results.



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Looks good there Racer..... now you have to straighten up the garage. Tempers are hell aren't they, I know 'cuz I have one too!


Thanks and thank god ford meds!!! :hysterical: I always screw my car up when my wife is annoying me thats what really sets me off!!! But what makes me happy is being able to repair my car with out giving my money to a body shop. It's easy anyone car do paint work just takes patience or a pill and good paint.

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If there is one thing I have learned from all my years as a gearhead, its never lose your temper, your beloved "Stuff" always pays a price..

Never hurt your wife physically :drool: there are better more synister ways,,,like Divorce! hehe, I know, I had two..

I now have a really cool wife who loves my hobby as much as I do!



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