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Shelby GT driving lower driving lights

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Ok, I need to replace the bulb in my lower driving lights and I have asked the dealership to replace it. They refuse as it is not a stock part, I have called SPP and they sent me the only ones they had..which were not the same ones. They have since told me they don't carry them they are a SAI product. Now I have noticed the glass on the same light is cracked. No rock chips and I am beginning to wonder if the dealership did take it off the last time I asked, dropped it and just "neglected" to tell me about it.


Either way I need to find a replacement bulb and lense now. They are PIAA but there are a lot of those lights out there. Anyone know the product number that might have encountered this already?

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See page 7 of the "Brake Duct and Driving Light" sticky thread. I had the same problem - broken lens - full details and pics are there!








Thanks Sam! Didn't think to check there as it was an installation. I will be more thorough next time.



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