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2007 Hertz on Ebay with undisclosed wreck

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07H151 is for sale on ebay. Seller makes no mention of the following:



New Mexico Police Report

Accident reported

Involving front impact

Vehicle towed

Airbag deployed


Seller does say that the car is:


- kept in IMPECCABLE condition

- Both the exterior and interior are in excellent condition

- clean and fresh! A+

- These fine automobiles are purchased at new-car franchise dealership trade-ins, and off-lease

- We will disclose as much information as possible about the vehicle.


Strange how a car that was wrecked hard enough to deploy the airbags and needed to be towed from the accident scene can be impeccable, excellent, A+, etc.


Add in the "private auction" and the fake ebay Power Seller logo is enough to stay away from.




2007 Hertz #151

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I am in no way defending the sellers "ommision" of the accident but, if you click on the History Report tab in the description it's noted.

Clicking for details shows where and when the accident was but not details. Carfax is your friend ! !



That button doesn't work for me but I trust you that it is there. I ran my own CarFax report on the car.


One of the reasons I make posts like this is not only to let other Team Shelby members know to be cautious but so that we can go back and dig this info up in the future and also so it gets into the SAI registry.



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GT-H 07H039 for consignment sale at a Wichita Falls, TX dealer shows a clean CarFax. However, a potential buyer had the vehicle inspected on a lift and damage due to a front-end collision was noted. The extent of the damage was not mentioned, and it is feasible that the sellers were unaware of the damage. No mention was made as to whether the owner was aware and failed to disclose. The owner was talked down to $25K, but without being able to ascertain the actual damage, I decided not to purchase. It may still be a good deal to someone, but I'm in Afghanistan, so I figured this just wasn't my time.

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