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Help with Shelby NEWBIE re Clutch

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I am new and gonna pull the on new 09 gt500 and have a few questions for the pros so please help =)


1) Is the clutch really hard and not smooth as so i heard?


2) what should i know about the TSB? dates etc


3) I know that the brand new is around 43k usd but why is pre-owned still around 36-38k? Is the resale value that good?



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The clutch isn't all that bad. Some complain that it is a little hard, and mine was easier after the TSB was preformed, however, I still didn't have any problems with the clutch pre-TSB. If anything, it's almost TOO soft now.


If you buy a 2009 you do not need to worry about the clutch TSB, as it has the updated parts in it already.


The resale value I would consider rather poor, considering that many owners who bought the GT500 in the first two years paid sticker, or over sticker.


Welcome to the forum, alvinlee888!

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Yeah man don't sweat the clutch... it's an easy car to drive.


My Roush clutch in my GT chatters like a mother and is a lot less forgiving than my GT500.


Congrats man you're gonna LOVE this car... I mean LOVE it... like maybe want to marry it :)

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