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# of 07's still in service

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i am downtown disney waiting for a bus go figure, and i see a 07 hertz shelby roll thru the parking lot. so i watch to see if they are parking or rolling thru. he parks so i ask him if he is an owner or a renter. and he said that he just rented from the airport. they didn't have his focus so they gave it to him for the focus price. they were going to put him in a coupe and he said what about the one in the poster, they had one and he got to rent it.


i'm pretty sure it was 284 w/ 47k miles. needs stripes, door ding repairs, hood pin replacement kit and a new front bumber cover it had been run into many curbs. also had a small dent in the passenger side rear quarter pannel w/scratch. he said it ran pretty good.


i thought they would have all been retired by now. anyone know how many still in fleet?

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