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"If It's So Good, Why Doesn't Congress Have to be On It?"

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If Obama-care is so great that we are forced to use it, why don't Obama and Congress have to also be covered by it??


If they were, then maybe we would take them more seriously. But, somehow, they get "more equal" health care then what they demand we have.


I remember during last decade's Hillary Care debacle, Nancy Pelosi was asked if should would be covered under this proposed plan. She replied "Well, no. I have my FAMILY to think of!!"




Why do Dems NEVER, EVER lead by example???


Here they are being laughed at during their Obama-Care sales pitch to us, the great unwashed.....



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Obamunism is picking up steam. Hold on tight! Better yet, hold on to your wallets!




NO way! didn't obama tell us the we could have the same health Insurance as the house and senate. You can always tell when obama is lieing his lips R moving.

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