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HPDE in Central TX 3/6-3/7/2010


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Advanced notice for everyone. All weekend event.



March 6-7th 2010

Harris Hill Road

San Marcos, Texas


Brought to you by me, Harris Hill Road and Special Vehicle Operations.

www.ryckmanmotorsports.com (being built)




Limited to 45 entries. This will be a mostly Mustang/Shelby event. Prices to be determined. H2R has been on vacation for the past week (well deserved one at that) and I'll be getting on top of this as soon as I'm able to gimp around.

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When you have some specific details like cost, run groups, anticipated sessions/day, experience needed, etc. Let me know! I should have a couple more HPDEs by then


I'm not working on the costs until November. Too many races and events over the next 2 months to attempt it. We're going to get in 5-6 sessions per day if we are full. More if we're not. Instructors will be available and required for the beginners group.


We'll be running 4 run groups:

A: Expert (this is mainly for instructors)

B: Advanced

C: Intermediate

D: Beginner


Ryckman Motorsports and H2R will finalize run group assignments. Driving instructors are mandatory for Group C & D drivers. You will not be allowed to solo until the instructor feels you are safe to do so. Instructors are optional for Group B.


Track insurance will be available at an additional cost to the attendee.


Note: Lunch is not provided, but will be available at the track.

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