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Team Shelby Members Weekend '09 - Proceeds to benefit the "Carroll Shelby Foundation"

Shelby CS8

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Hey Guy's n Gals,


We need to get an accurate count of who is going to participate so gift bags, ect can be prepared for the event. We will have some great trophy's, awesome auction items, an amazing Hospitality Lounge at Crevier Classic Cars (www.crevierclassiccars.com) at our starting rally point. Weather you like car shows, cruising or gentlemen's racing, this weekend will encompass it all. This will be the event of the summer to attend!!! For an entry form, email events@281m.com.


For event coverage visit 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords website: http://blogs.mustang50magazine.com/6559326...tion/index.html



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I'm in :happy feet: . All signed up with Speed Ventures for Sundays Roval.


This is a great event, thanks Jason



Awesome MY500SS!


Please send an email to events@281m.com so my event staff can send you out an entry form on monday.



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That whining is my Paxton passing your a$$ on the track...






I usually dont curse but, in your F*cking dreams old man! To bad my car puts down almost 90 more HP than yours sucker! And not only that but yours is still broken! So bite me.

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Well Tom, my last post was no fun since I see Jason left the party! :)



Sorry guys, but I had a hot date with my wife! And besides you guys are ugly! Steve, you may have more ponies than I do, but you dont know how to use them! And even if you did your affraid too! I certainly dont see you signed up for the track day Mr. Ol man wimpy! Bring your ponies and lets compare track times at the end up the day.

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