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Mid South Mustang Club does Hooters

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The second Monday of each month our Mustang club has started hanging out at a local Hooters. Hooters was nice enough to give all MSMC members a 10% discount anytime we eat there. They block off all the front parking and we all eat out on the front porch. This month we invited our friends from SVTOA Memphis to join us! We had about 27 cars! I think before the end of the season we can get 50 cars to attend!


Here are some pics!


Mid South Mustang Club does Hooters in July!


I am curious what other local events everyone else participates in. Looking for other things to do with the club. Your feedback is appreciated!

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I do 5 Cruise Inns a Month........

4 are put on by other Clubs and I personally put on the MUSTANG F/X Monday Night Mustangs at HOOTERS the First Monday of the Month. I dropped out of all the local Car Clubs because of all the Politics and Back Stabbing that was happening. I am much happier now doing my own thing.

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