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Glasstop classifications at the track...how do you call it?


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After noticing DH777s remark that his Terlingua will be a glasstop...I wondered if it would be restricted to convertible class on a given track, or if it is indisputably as safe as a coupe hardtop? I think the glass roof will be absolutely worth getting on a Terlingua if it doesnt restrict its use on a track! A kind of best of both worlds! And RARE! :shift: :happy feet:


Anyone have info on this?

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Ok because the car structural integrity is still in tacked, there is little you can do to make safer without adding a roll cage. Which means you would sill be classified as a coupe. Depending on your region you may need to go through an inspection,but since you are in Texas I know that NASA will pass it as a coupe.


You are more than welcome to contact Shannon Matus to get further info, I can even PM you the info.

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Having looked into this in the past for my wife's 2006 V-6 Mustang... Here's the info from the CDC website:


The CDC Mustang Glassback roof system is engineered and designed specifically for 2005+ Mustangs.


- Engineered to maintain all factory structure, we went the extra mile to assure your safety and comfort.


- The Glassback system was decibel tested for noise penetration and validated to Federal Safety Standard FMVSS-216 for rollover protection.


- Tests on a Mustang fitted with the Glassback roof proved it to be stronger and quieter than the OEM Ford roof!


- The Glassback adds an eye-opening view of the skies above, increases headroom, and provides a convertible feel without the wind noise.


- Formed with two layers of glass (like a windshield), the panel is constructed with tinted solar-absorbing laminate that protects you and your interior from 99% of UV rays, keeping heat to a minimum. NO SUNSHADE REQUIRED!!!


- The system is manufactured to OEM standards and can be installed by CDC-trained authorized installers.


- Call for details today - 866-624-7997


***3 year warranty against manufacturer defects on all components (except glass)***


And have been told that you can actually get the over-the-roof Le Mans striped imbedded in between the two panes of glass, if you want to pay the extra $$$...




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:salute: Cool and thanks for the into on the CDC glass roof system. I'm not sure how sanctioning bodies would view this. Dh, as you have one, what is your impression of the roof?


We really like it. Although I really can't say a lot about it in the summer yet (since it's been in the shop) we have really been surprised that the hot Texas sun does not heat up the interior as any more that the a regular roof. It's really just one massive sun roof but you really don't get that much heat from it. You could say that it is like a convertible - but it is really different from that. One thing I do like about it is that it retains the fastback look that you don't get with the verts. I am not sure if Ford is using the same product, but it sounds like they might be. Ours is "factory" installed but I really don't know if Ford does it or what the process is. I was a $2k option.


As far as strength - I actually feel it is much stronger than the standard roof. I'm sure that it weighs a lot more, but all the underlying structure is still there. It's like they just skinned the roof and but the glass in it. There seem to be some extra reinforcements around the edges but I think that is just to hold it in

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:happy feet: Good deal....I was wondering about the heat factor...they must have it coated with something what reflects the heat from getting into the interior...I bet you have some great views at night!



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Myz and I got the Inalfa Moonroof in our 2010 Grabber and we love it!!!


The Moonroof was purchased when we got the Stang. So Ford had to sub it out to American Sunroof here in San Diego. It took a full 8 hours to do. I believe the cost is about 1900$ for aftermarket but I got it for free with the Stang. This was when Ford was hurting for business and Perry Ford in National City really took care of us.


The shop that did our install is American Sunroof. (info below) but the site is down at the moment.




American Sunroof


9240 Dowdy Dr

San Diego, CA 92126-4317

(858) 566-1770‎

(858) 530-1557‎

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Ok this is the Moonroof wide open.




ok Moonroof closed but slider open




Moonroof Closed and slider closed.




Moonroof in vent mode - slider open




this is a close up of the moonroof controller










Sorry - I didn't mean to hi-jack your thread.

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