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Any '08 SGT-BJ still for sale?


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Back in January I found 26 of the 100 still on the dealer lots. Just do a search of Ford dealer inventories in the Phoenix and Tucson areas looking for 2008 models with 54U packages.

Is there a link to that?

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Is there a link to that?



Just select a new inventory for a dealership, select 2008 mustang, black. and look for cars with the last 6 that begins with 152XXX or 153XXX. Click the window sticker to see if it has the "GT Upfitters Package".


I found these at sanderson ford

1ZVHT85H185153098 coupe, 5 speed

1ZVHT85H585153069 coupe, 5 speed (I assume this is one...the sticker is no help)

1ZVHT85H185152369 convertible, 5 speed (ditto)

1ZVHT82H285153101 convertible, 5 speed (ditto)


Earnhardt ford as 2 more 1ZVHT85H985153091 and 1ZVHT82H285153082


Gaudin Ford in las vegas 1ZVHT85H885152434 auto convertible


Jones ford in Wickenburg, AZ has one 1ZVHT85H085153125 convert manual


Looks like they sold 18 since I last checked.

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This one is stored indoors since arrival (show room).


The ones in Sanderson/Phoenix have been sitting out......seen them all. Not great shape, trust me!




Ask for Teresa!!!



That one has the navigation radio. Haven't seen many BJ Shelby's with that option.



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