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Several 2010 GT500's On Ebay At MSRP

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For those that believe Ford stopped production of the 2010 GT500 so that dealers can add ADM's need to take a look at ebay and notice that they are still being advertised at MSRP.


Also looking under closed auctions I could only find one 2010 GT500 that sold for more than MSRP and guess what the seller relisted the exact same car a few days later. Obviously the over MSRP buyer realized he was a fool to go thru with the sale.


I'm a firm believer that if a dealer is willing to take MSRP on ebay then they will also take a little less than MSRP in person.


Just trying to point out that the sky is not falling and there is no need to panic concerning 2010 GT500's.



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